Stickers or naklejki, and emojis have been pretty much a trend in social media and messaging apps nowadays. According to a survey, about 6 billion stickers are being used every day around the world on messaging apps.

A Change in our Brains

While we go through life mostly unaware it, but we mimic each other’s emotions and expressions when we talk in person. This plays a major role on how we empathize and build a relationship with one another. However online, we miss out on the important factor of emotion and empathy — or, at least, until stickers or emojis came along.

According to scientists, when we look at a smiley sticker, a part of the brain is activated; the same ones as those that are stimulated when we see a real human face. It changes our moods, and we may even alter our facial expressions just to match the emotion of the sticker.

The interesting part is that this isn’t something that came naturally to us when we were born. It is something that our brains developed in the past few years. Thus, social media has definitely changed our brain patterns.

Speech Pattern Changes

Emojis and stickers are recognized by our brain as nonverbal cues, which mean that we process them as emotional communication, not words. And emotional communication is just as important as words when communicating a message clearly. For instance, in verbal communication, researchers note that if speakers aren’t allowed to make gestures while talking, they’d relatively become less fluent.

Basically, stickers and emojis are doing what the tone of voice does on the phone and what gestures and expressions do in face-to-face verbal communication. In fact, there’s evidence that shows emojis and stickers shift our vocabulary; instead of the internet slang, users usually key-in its emoji and sticker counterparts instead.

Tips for Incorporating Stickers in Marketing

  • Understand the stickers. Before you put stickers on your text, it would be best that you get in-depth understanding of what they mean and when they should be used.
  • Know your audience. According to a linguist, people fall into groups that have specific habits with certain emoticons, just like how slang terms are spread. This means that how people use stickers and what they use would vary according to their age, location, gender, and even social class.
  • Know how stickers would fit to your tone and voice. Determining your voice and tone on social media can help in maintaining authenticity.

Several stock market experts have been trying to explain how the stock market is volatile since the beginning of 2016. After the worst performance (on record) by the S&P500, the index dropped 5% in the start of the year.

According to a financial expert, whether its decline is due to China’s currency devaluation, low oil prices, or the Fed’s move to increase interest rates; nobody actually knows why the market is moving this way on a day-to-day basis, and even monthly or annually. However, long-term returns centers on growth of EPS (earnings-per-share) and dividends.

There are two possible explanations as to why the market moves this way. First and foremost, there is an exception to the assumption that “nobody knows” the reason why the markets moves like they do. Why? The Elliott Wave Principle explains this. It says that the Wave Principle is governed by the social nature of men. And because men are social beings, their expression creates forms. While the forms become repetitive, they also have a predictable value. Visit for more information.



Another possible explanation is the belief that the long-term market returns centers on the earnings. This principle has long-held by the Wall Street. However, some evidence suggests otherwise. Referring to the 1973-75 chart of S&P EPS and S&P Price, an Elliott Wave Theorist said: in 1973-74, the S&P 500 companies EPS have soared high for 6 consecutive quarters. At this point, the S&P then suffered a major decline since 1937-1942… In addition, the S&P dropped in October 1974, where the EPS continued to drop for 12 consecutive months, during which the S&P began to turn up.

Therefore, instead of EPS, or other “basic” factor, you might want to look review the Wave Principle to get an idea on the movement of the market.

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) disclosed an update of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) saying that the Obamacare costs less than what has been projected. It became less disastrous every day. CBO said the latest overall costs are now about $14 billion per year lower than estimated a couple of months ago, $56 billion per year cheaper than the first released estimate in 2010. And that’s a whopping 30% less as compared to the 2010 figures.

Obamacare Gets Cheaper

Regularly, the CBO releases an update for the public of the cost projections for the federal programs and lately the number is showing a great improvement on the Obamacare.

It was on the year 2010 when the Congress passed the Obamacare law. Obamacare law helps beneficiaries in purchasing insurance in case of emergencies like health and medical.

According to CBO, the annual cost of administering the law and the subsidies provided to the beneficiaries would be about $172 billion in 2019. Last January, CBO dropped its 2019 estimate to $135 billion per year and now to $121 billion per year.

fire damage restoration

The Primary Reasons

CBO has cited two primary reasons on the lessening of the Obamacare budget.

First reason: General healthcare costs have dropped. This is a great news for everyone especially for those who are paying healthcare – both Obamacare enrollees and not.

Second reason: There is a small drop in the CBO’s estimates because of the fact that there are only small number of people who will be uninsured in the coming years and  this means fewer people to be enrolled in Obamacare and that would led to lower total subsidy costs.

Why healthcare costs slowdown?

The real reason on the dramatic slowdown of healthcare costs is not clear. For the past two decades, there had been 3 or 4 times of inflation rate growth and that really harmed the general public and the private companies. According to an economist, the possible reason is the cutting back of the healthcare spending and cost-control efforts of many families on healthcare system and insurance policies.

On the other side, the Obamacare law supporters have this claim that law itself has been a great help in curtailing the costs. This is because more people are getting preventive care, pre-empting the need for more costly interventions. However, the CBO is still not sure if the slowing down of the ACA cost would happen as the provisions of the main coverage only went into effect just last year.

The White House said that before 2015 ends, there would be 11.7 million people enrolled in the ACA and that is 7 million up in 2014. Despite that, Obamacare law is facing technical challenges and criticisms; the ACA has become an integral part of the healthcare system and lowering down the number of uninsured Americans.

Getting insurance is definitely a big help for every family. When you get insured, it would not be that really hard to stand again when involved in unwanted situations like getting your house burned as you can just easily get fire damage restoration with the help of an insurance policy. Such situation is just the same with being enrolled in ACA making every American get access to affordable and quality health insurance.

A few years back, the car industry of UK was barely surviving. Some of the car companies in 2012 gave us the impression that it’s almost over for them. This time; however, the future is a little brighter.

Increase in Production

The car production of UK is back on track. A new car rolls from the line of the British car plant at a rate of approximately every 20 seconds; and their employee’s output reaches up to 11 vehicles annually. One factor that is considered to be the cause of this is that the increased number of car title loans being offered to the people.

According to the Office of National Statistics, their production in the last quarter has increased by 0.9% in comparison to 0.7% for the economy itself. And if this continues, the industry could break records by year 2017 with approximately 2 million cars manufactured in the UK every year.

Economic Drive

It is not a surprise why the car industry is the main reason why the economy of UK has recovered. They have a typical turnover of approximately £55bn and a £12bn net value. Aside from that, the recovery isn’t only because of the sales of brand new cars, but also by the sales of used cars as well.


More than 80% of the cars manufactured in UK are being exported in countries where businesses are booming like in China. Car brands from the UK may give a luxurious impression. Note that the largest export sector is cars and their sales have increased in over 38 consecutive months in both international and domestic markets.

Behind UK’s Success

There are 3 major factors behind the success of the UK car industry: a sustained investment for the past 10 years, better car models, and more financing services like title loans are available.

These recent months, Macau has experienced continues plummet on its revenue. This instance has caused serious concern to many casinos’ shareholders. As compared to the revenue of June 2014, there is a drop of 33.3 percent and this last June casinos had experienced a tough month, according to Sterne Agee. Throughout the history of Macau’s casino industry, June 2015 has the biggest drop and it is very apparent to the figure presented.

As recorded, the VIP rolling chip had suffered 52.5 percent drop and this has been the lowest percentage since March of 2010. Accordingly, on September 2012, the mass revenue had reached to its lowest point but had coped up over the last 12 months despite the fluctuation of the industry’s income.

Moreover, Agee confirmed that while June 2015 GGR (gross gaming revenue) aggregated at 36. 2 percent, it’s still a good gain for Macau’s gaming and casino industry as this has marked the 4th consecutive month that give a ‘less bad’ result if it is compared with the first  two months of the year 2015.

On the other hand, David Bain, the analyst of Sterne Agee who is working on the report said that he is expecting this improvement to continue for the casino industry of Macau until the last quarter of 2015.

Recently, the government of Macau has ruled out some restriction on their visa laws giving higher chances of Mainland Chinese nationals to get an entry in Macau’s border. Actually, it was the first time in a long time that the government of Macau to relax such kind of norms for them to cope from the plummeting of casino industry. Some analysts have the belief that the government of Macau is on the process on amending for the recovery of the casino industry. Accordingly, with the entry of many Mainland Chinese gamblers will mean an advantage on Macau’s casinos, as much business will arise.

It is not new to everyone that Macau has the most thriving casino business and in fact, its revenue majorly came from this industry.  From different lottery machines to dice spinner, you can find them in all casino centers in Macau.

Online daten sites have a way of pairing two souls together that end up marrying each other and starting a family.

Regardless of how you and your partner met and if you just got married recently, then you might as well start figuring out what you both like to do together and what you like to do on your own. However, when it comes to personal finances, the boundaries between what’s his/hers, what’s yours, and what’s conjugal might not be clear as crystal.


Prior to merging your credit cards, it would be wise for you to check each other’s credit scores first. The most convenient way to use your spouse’s card is to sign as its authorized user. Note, however, that as soon as you’re authorized, your spouse’s credit history will also appear on your credit report; thus if he has previous credit problems, then your credit score might get affected as well. You may also get a joint credit card; with this, both spouses are responsible for the credit card bills; therefore, if one of you is behaving badly, it will have a bad effect on both your credit scores.


Supposing that you’ve just married, it should be easy to make a detailed inventory of your home, complete with the values of each of your possessions. Jeanne Salvatore from the Insurance Information Institute said, “Knowing the value of your things will help you determine how much renters or homeowners’ coverage to buy.”

Generally, a renters’ insurance policy would amount to about $16 a month which provides property coverage of up to $25,000 with approximately $300,000 to $500,000 liability coverage. Homeowners’ insurance policy, on the other hand, would cover personal properties at a rate of about 50-70% home coverage.

Aside from that, marrying would give newlyweds more opportunities when it comes to health insurance policies. If you both have a health insurance from work, analyze the situation in accordance to its costs and benefits.

Savings & Investments

Ensure that you have money saved in an FDIC-insured bank account that would cover 6 months of your living expenses or more. If you and your spouse have retirement accounts through your employer, give enough contributions so that you would maximize the account. After that, you can put more money to the plan that has better investment options and with lower fees, regardless of whether it’s yours or your spouse’s retirement plan.

Barclays Bank started the transition already; they are now using their new gTLDs: .barclaycard and .barclays. They made this move because the Barclays believed it can give an additional layer of security for clients and customers as only the names Barclaycard and Barclays will have websites that end with these. This move is not limited to Barclays but to the Paris’ icon, the Eiffel Tower, they also moved their online domain by using The decision made by huge names is a boost to create new gTLD, it is currently on the 54th spot as the largest gTLD with registrations totalling to 17,796, according to

For Barclays, a huge name in the banking industry for 325 years in America, Europe, Asia and Africa, made this important move to streamline experience of the customers by moving them away from traditional addresses like .com and .co.ukweb. Also, this will help companies register domains with good SEO metrics. Barclays is one of the few first banks that started the use of new gTLD together with BNP Paribas using .bnpparibas. Other banks using new gTLDs are AXA, the Australian Cancer Research Foundation, CITIC, Bloomberg, Monash University in Melbourne, BMW and Mini, William Hill, Aquarelle, Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget, Mango and Merck.

The launching of the domain names of Barclays has created a more simplified experience for online users. They are making a clear vow to their customers that they engage in genuine business and service to them. The clarity together with the advantages to control their online environment will enable them to provide a more secured service which is the utmost importance of the customers and ultimately to serve their clients with increased trust and confidence. Much more, millions of the customers of Barclaycard and Barclays are using digital banking each day. This will allow them to bank securely and safely wherever and whenever they want.

Heat pumps provide energy-efficient ways to warm up the house during the cold weather. For some people, they believe that this appliance has health benefits.

A survey of 856 people conducted by Canstar Blue (a consumer satisfaction ratings company), 53% said that they’ve noticed their health improving after the installation of a heat pump. About 89% of these respondents purchased energy-efficient heat pumps with half of them saying that it had reduced their electricity bills; 88% of them said that it made their homes easier to heat and it has become drier.


Here are other benefits of installing heat pumps at home:

They can be used for both heating and cooling purposes.

The name speaks for itself, heat pumps has the ability to provide warmth in the home especially during the winter season. It can increase the temperature of the room in no time by just pressing the button. In addition, it also has the ability to work backwards by extracting heat from the inside and bringing it outside of your home; just as how our refrigerators work. This cooling feature is useful during the hot, humid days of summer.

They are convenient to use.

Heat pumps allow you to adjust the temperature of the room, as well as change from heating to cooling modes, with just one push of the button on the remote control. They have the ability to heat up or cool down your room to your preferred temperature and maintain it for as long as you want it to. In fact, you can leave your heat pumps at home when you go out and it won’t cost you.

They improve the quality of the air.

Heat pumps do not produce smokes or fumes to the air. Aside from that, as it circulates air in the room, the air is cleaned and purified by its filter; thereby, eliminating dust, mold spores, odor, smokes, and other particles as well. They are, in fact, recommended to those who suffer from asthma and dust allergies.

They add value to your home.

As more and more people install heat pumps at home, they now add value to your home. Thus, if you are planning to sell your property, you should note that a warm and comfortable environment with added air conditioning features would generally be the first choice and the most sought after benefits of most of the buyers today.

COLORADO – The breweries, distilleries and wineries in Colorado are planning to launch an opposition campaign, which they call “Keep Colorado Local”.

Economic Impact

Kannah Creek’s Marketing Director Kaitlin Birdsall, one of the representatives said that this campaign would in the long run hurt the economic stability of Colorado as well as the craft beer culture.

Moreover, Fischer’s Liquor Barn Manager Josh Matteson gave his support to the said campaign.

Matteson further said, “They pick the top 10 brands and that’s it. The local distilleries and wineries don’t have the ability to present to the chain groceries and so they have no chance of getting distribution which cuts into their sales.” With that, small-scale craft breweries will be left out.

Matteson added that this campaign would get rid of 700 liquor stores and a loss of 10,000 jobs. He said, “We know the wines, we know the beers, we know the spirits and we can really educate the customer on what’s going to work for them, in grocery stores anyone could be selling to you.”

Socio-cultural Impact

On the contrary, Brigette Balet said that this measure would result to more underage drinking. “Underage kids could sell to underage kids. You have to be 21 to work at a liquor store.” Balet said.

Birdsall stated that this campaign would really destroy Colorado’s drinking culture. “The liquor laws that are currently in place really support craft breweries and help us to grow. We have over 300 now here just in Colorado alone. We just want to keep continuing that success.”

Undeniably, alcohol industry is one of the major products that augment a certain economy.  With their high taxes and a multitude of consumers, the economy definitely benefits from them. Wherever in the US a person maybe, even with different drinking culture, whisky and alcoholic beverages definitely is life for many.

According to Mark Sebastian, the way he sees it, pilots need to understand the concept of what makes an aircraft lift off before they can fly. Thus, traders should learn and understand various mathematical concepts behind binary options first before using them for trading.

The Career of Mark Sebastian

Sebastian, one of the best US binary options brokers, built a career around trading options. He spent approximately 10 years working for the Chicago Board Options Exchange and the American Stock Exchange. At present, he is the CEO of Option Pit Mentoring and Consulting, an option education firm based in Chicago; and he is also the managing editor of the “Expiring Monthly: The Option Traders Journal” which is a digital, all-options magazine.

Sebastian also encourages potential USA binary option brokers to do more than just strategies. Options are actually contracts that will allow the buyer to have a right to buy or sell a commodity at a certain price before a specific date.

Successful Options Trading

According to him, the key to become successful in binary trading USA is no to go for the shortcuts.

“It is really annoying to have to learn all of the math behind options. But it is worth every cent. I would argue you need to understand up and down how options function intuitively. Then applying a strategy over how options function becomes very simple. I equate it to understanding the physics behind a plane or helicopter before you fly it. They make pilots do that,” he said.

Sebastian says trading is actually a difficult task. “If it was easy, everybody would be doing it.”

“The key is you can avoid failing by really learning how options work and how futures work,” he added.

Sebastian started his career in trading with Group One Trading. This firm is an equity option firm where he was taught to learn the math behind the options he was selling; how the pricing works and the risk tools as well.

Sebastian said, “They basically forced us to understand the stuff up and down. Since I’ve gotten into this business, I’ve become a mentor. It took me a while to realize what was missing. There are a lot of people teaching “here’s what a call spread is” and there are a lot of people saying “here is what a butterfly spread is”. But there is nobody teaching “this is what an option is and this is how it really functions.” That is what I am out to change.”

According to Sebastian, as soon as potential traders begin to understand how options work, they can then decide whether trading is really for them.